Stay At The Hotel Without The Wall And Roof, Dare To Try?- Along with the growing interest of the world community against traveling, increasingly mushrooming likewise business the hotel offers a variety of unique theory to the purposes of indulging those arteries are hobbies free to the” outside macrocosm “. Well, from the many unique hotels that exist in various countries, this is it ya one .

Altitude 6,463 feet above sea level, hotel which is located in the mountains of Graubunden is arguably unlike the hotel in General. Yes, because his hotel apartment was not walled or reported .

Hotel listed Null Stern zero adepts represents’ or’ in its own language of Germany is indeed deliberately so because theory like to pamper our guests with views of the mountains of Switzerland are wonderful. So it really is in the middle of sort open and clients can freely enjoy a wonderful opinion of firsthand the unhindered ceiling and walls .

Stay At The Hotel Without The Wall And Roof, Dare To Try ?

However, while staying here, don’t delight you can enjoy equipment like in other hotels. The equipment of the offices is not as complete as the offices in other hotels. Any showers unearthed some length away, which is approximately 100 metres from the hotel .

But, the money you spend to stay at this hotel is surely comparable to the epic experience in Central Switzerland mountain outdoors .

Facilities that you can enjoy in every apartment is a conventional bed 5 starring hotel, bedside table, and lamp illuminate. When the nighttime, from the bedrooms you can enjoy direct views of the stars in the sky. Dreamy Wah banget ya! Especially if you enjoy it along with a partner .

Stay At The Hotel Without The Wall And Roof, Dare To Try ?

Null Stern hotel also provides a private butler service. So would there be a servant who carries the breakfast in the morning or even the largest chocolate and tea. Quirky thought is, the Null Stern hotel in offices equipped with a TV that merely serve one channel, namely the broadcast of weather bulletin .

Curious with this unique hotel? If you want to stay here, prepare to pay of $250 per nighttime. Null Stern is simply opened when the outpouring until the autumn .


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