skin tag

Skin tags come up from the dermis and are small growths that appear out of nowhere.

They do not cause much of a disturbance, however, some individuals may not like the way that they look on the skin. If you have this on your body, you may want to remove them. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you should know a little bit about this issue before you get any surgery or operations done.

Understanding The Issue of Skin Tags

The first thing that you need to know here is that tags on the skin are not dangerous. They are not going to cause any disruption of your daily routine, and will not cause any harm to you. Now, they may seem to be harmful, but you will not get discharge, bleeding, or anything along those lines. You will not have to worry about anything to do with these, other than cosmetic reasons. Now, there are rare instances where they can manifest and cause issues, but it’s so rare that you may never see it occur.

As for the medical causes associated with tags, you’ll need to know that it happens to everyone. The main culprit here is that of friction. When your skin has any sort of friction, you’re going to find that a small amount of collagen comes up from the skin. It comes up and causes a disruption of the body, to the point where you’re going to see a small growth appear. Friction, dermal irritation, and even allergic reaction are all common factors that you may see in relation to tags coming up from the dermis.

Getting Rid of Tags With Surgery

There are some surgical ways to get rid of tags, although they are not major. The doctor is not going to put you under, mind you. They are going to apply some anesthetic to the area, and then will simply remove the tags over time. It’s something that is easy to manage, and will not cause much disruption at all.


The first thing that you may have done is that of lancing. This is where the doctor will simply cut the tag off without worry. In most instances, you won’t even feel the process as the doctor will apply a small amount of numbing agent to the top of the skin. This is so fast, that many prefer this route to over the counter solutions.


Another solution that you can pursue is that of cryotherapy. A doctor will freeze the tag and then cut it with a blade. That’s it. You will find that this is a simple thing to deal with and something that is not going to cause too much of a disruption overall.

Burning off The Tag

You may find that a doctor will burn the tag off with a small laser. This is NOT painful, it doesn’t cause scarring or anything like that. It simply applies direct current to the tag, and it falls away within a matter of seconds. It’s that easy to apply, and a doctor can do it quickly.



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