Sempoilah TMJ, Pandu Kereta ‘Legend’ Ke Majlis Buat Semua Orang Terkejut

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Sebut sahaja nama Tunku Mahkota Johor (TMJ), pasti ramai yang tahu, Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim sememangnya terkenal dengan perwatakannya yang lantang menyuarakan pendapat di media sosial.

Bukan itu sahaja, TMJ dan ayahnya, Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar juga amat dikenali kerana minat mereka terhadap kereta-kereta klasik, mewah dan unik yang ada dalam koleksi keluarga diraja ini.

TMJ juga sering mendapat pujian kerana memillih untuk memandu kereta-kereta itu sendiri setiap kali menghadiri apa-apa majlis berbanding menggunakan khidmat pemandu peribadi.

Biasanya rakyat jelata memang akan tertunggu-tunggu kereta apa yang akan dipandu TMJ setiap kali datang menyembah duli ke majlis-majlis yang melibatkan orang ramai. Mana taknya, kadang-kadang tu kereta yang dibawanya sangat unik sampaikan kita sendiri tak tahu jenis dan jenama kereta tersebut.

Baru-baru ini, kehadiran TMJ ke majlis pelancaran permohonan aplikasi online Rumah Impian Bangsa Johor di pejabat Yayasan Sultan Ibrahim sekali lagi menarik perhatian orang ramai. Nak tahu kenapa?

Kali ni, TMJ membuat kelainan kerana hadir ke majlis tersebut bukan dengan menaiki supercar atau sportcar yang selalu kita lihat, tetapi TMJ memilih untuk memandu kancil model lama yang berwarna hitam. Legend betul!

Satu video telah dikongsi oleh seorang netizen, Muhammad Jefreel di Facebook miliknya, TMJ dilihat sedang mahu berangkat pulang daripada majlis tersebut dan menuju ke kereta Kancil itu yang diiringi polis pengiring. Kereta-kereta lain yang mengiringi rombongan itu semuanya terdiri daripada kereta mewah dan jenama luar negara.

Lebih menarik, TMJ memandu sendiri kereta kancil dengan nombor pendaftaran JBL 2. Bukan itu sahaja, kancil unik itu juga mempunyai sunroof.

TMJ juga pernah berkongsi gambarnya bersama kereta kancil tersebut di laman rasmi Facebook pasukan bola sepak Johor Darul Takzim, Johor Southern Tigers pada Jun lalu. Itu merupakan kereta pertama miliknya yang dikurniakan oleh DYMM Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, Sultan Johor sewaktu TMJ memperolehi lesen kenderaan buat pertama kalinya.

Pasti banyak kenangan TMJ dengan kereta kancil tu kan? Ya lah, kereta yang penuh dengan sentimental value lah katakan. Korang jangan pulak perli orang yang pakai kereta kancil lepas ni, TMJ pon tak malu pakai kereta kancil!

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If you’re planning a trip to Malaysia and therefore are tossing up whether to visit Penang, stop right there. Just book it, there’s no need for an additional second of indecision. You’d be crazy to not visit !

If you’re a lover of excellent food, you may be in clover throughout your trip. Penang’s food culture is really a diverse mixture of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Nyonya cuisine and street food dominates here- you’ll often find 3rd or 4th generation hawker stalls selling the precise same dish their forefathers perfected years back.

If you’re staying in George Town (and you ought to ), its whimsical street art and captivating architecture which reflects Penang’s colonial past and also the influence of their Chinese, Muslim and Indian populations will charm you. You’ll find yourself spending days just wandering the streets of George Town, soaking inside the history and gleaning a little about local life.

If you simply possess a short period of time here, expect it to become a whirlwind, there’s lots to discover and much to become eaten, let’s go !

Note : all addresses & directions for restaurants, activities and sights are listed in the bottom of the post.
Disclaimer : Chasing a Plate’s stay in the Container Hotel, Penang and our attendance upon the Penang Food tour with Food Tour Malaysia were complimentary. All opinions are our own.

First, watch our Penang YouTube videos :

Day 1 Morning
There’s no better method to acquaint yourself with a brand new city than through its food. Add a friendly and knowledgable local to that mix and you’ll really start to comprehend a little in regards to the history and culture from the place. Food Tour Malaysia conduct Penang food tours which should see you zipping all around the city inside a car with one of the convivial guides.

Not limiting the food hunt to George Town, you may visit an area wet market along with head further afield to suburbs like Tanjung Bungha. But a little bit of advice of warning, be ready to eat and also to eat plenty. You’ll find everything that’s insert front individuals impossible to show down : cendol, prawn fritters, Malay curries, Chinese pancakes- seriously, towards the end from the tour you’re likely going to be FULL ! Like the tour draws to some close you’ll not just have an appreciation for Penang’s rich culinary history but a thirst to discover this fascinating city.

What needs to be done in Penang : Join Food Tour Malaysia on the Penang food tour What needs to be done in Penang : Join Food Tour Malaysia on the Penang food tour
What needs to be done in Penang : Join Food Tour Malaysia on the Penang food tour and sample Chinese pancakes What needs to be done in Penang : Join Food Tour Malaysia on the Penang food tour and sample Chinese pancakes
Watch the video in our food tour with Food Tour Malaysia

You’re visiting need to obtain moving after everything food right? There’s no better time compared to the present to understand more about the streets of George Town. Grab a street art map coming from the Information Centre and meander down unassuming alleys and round corners to discover artist Ernest Zacharevic’s evocative hand painted murals. If you need to steer clear of the crowds then we suggest owning a wander inside the evenings. We strolled down Armenian Street at around 10 : 00pm one night so we had the art all to ourselves.

What needs to be done in Penang : wander the streets and admire the road artWhat to carry out in Penang : wander the streets and admire the road art
Don’t forget to take time to admire George Town’s architecture in your street art hunt. Like a UNESCO World Heritage city, George Town’s diverse and unique buildings reflect its roots- from Indo-Malay bungalows, Strait shophouses, ornate temples to Colonial mansions, you’ll find an afternoon spent walking the streets absolutely riveting.

What needs to be done in Penang : wander the streets of George TownWhat to carry out in Penang : wander the streets of George Town
By now it’ll be late afternoon and we’re sure everything walking means you’ve worked up a little bit of an appetite Well you’re in for any treat. The very best char koay teow in Penang is undoubtedly the one made from the old Uncle on Siam Rd (address below ) and you also MUST eat this a minimum of once in your visit to Penang. You’ll need to leap into an Uber or perhaps a Grab (further details below ) to obtain there, otherwise it’s a few 30 minute walk coming from the centre of George Town. But make certain to create a stop at Joez Coconut Jelly upon the way (address below ). This small shop will the BEST coconut shakes ever- ice-cream, evaporated milk, coconut juice, coconut flesh, tapioca pearls- when the shake doesn’t revive you against the warmth, you’re a lost cause !

Places to consume in Penang : Coconut shake at Joez Coconut JellyPlaces to consume in Penang : Coconut shake at Joez Coconut Jelly
When you be able to arrive at Siam Road, be ready to wait as much as 45 minutes for the plate of char koay teow, but trust us, it’s worthwhile. Just nab a seat inside the kopitiam opposite the stall and order a drink. Char koay teow is really a Penang specialty- rice noodles, prawns, cockles, eggs, bean sprouts, chives and lap cheong (Chinese sausage ) are tossed inside a searingly hot wok. One whiff from the plate as it’s insert front of you should have you salivating. Remember to obtain here well before 7pm like the old Uncle shuts up shop early.

Places to consume in Penang : char koay teow on Siam Road, Penang street food at its finestPlaces to consume in Penang : char koay teow on Siam Road, Penang street food at its finest
Are you currently beat yet? If you continue to have it in your soul, head back into George Town for any nightcap. Steer clear of the thumping beats on Adore Lane and continue to keep your method to Mish Mash on Jalan Muntri in which the boys behind the bar have a brilliant cocktail. The Jungle Bird is especially good and when it’s Thursday night, it’s two for just one ! Hurrah !

Places to consume in Penang : The Jungle Bird at Mish MashPlaces to consume in Penang : The Jungle Bird at Mish Mash
Day 2 Morning
Once you’ve tasted a standard Malaysian breakfast, we guarantee you’ll be eating such as this most days. Kopitiams, are Chinese Malay run coffee shops where mugs of thick sweet kopi (Malay for coffee ) and kaya (coconut jam ) toast are served up throughout the day long. Pop into Toh Soon (address below ), tucked down a little lane on Campbell Street. It’s very local, super cheap and it’s damn delicious. Don’t forget to order a side of half boiled eggs to opt for your toast too !

Places to consume in Penang : Traditional breakfast at Ah Soon KopitiamPlaces to consume in Penang : Traditional breakfast at Ah Soon Kopitiam
The warmth from the day hasn’t yet struck so hop inwith it, it’s time for them to be able to arrive at Penang Hill. Dating to the late 1700’s, Penang Hill was once a British hill station and it’s the very best spot to obtain epic views from the island. The simplest method of getting there is as simple as car so jump inside an Uber or perhaps a Grab. When you arrive there’s a funicular to bring one to the highest from the hill in case you don’t fancy hiking to the highest.

When you’re done exploring, make the road right all the way down to Air Itam township in which the wet marketplace is located. It’s time for them to sample Penang’s famous assam laksa ! Ayer Itam Penang Laksa is hugely popular and rightly so. Ladles of piquant broth are poured into bowls with bouncy thick rice vermicelli, lettuce, onion, pineapple, cucumber, chilli and mint. The broth, laced with tamarind and flaked mackerel slaps you all around the face using its bold flavours. A must eat when you’re in Penang !

Places to consume in Penang : Assam laksa at Air ItamPlaces to consume in Penang : Assam laksa at Air Itam
Head back into George Town after lunch for the interesting history lesson at Cheong Fatt Tze’s Blue Mansion. The guides here in the mansion weave a captivating tale crammed with power, adore and wealth. It’s a fascinating consider the lifetime of the one among Penang’s most prominent personalities and also the Mansion is spectacular- 38 rooms, 5 courtyards and 7 staircases !

What needs to be done in Penang : Visit The Blue MansionWhat to carry out in Penang : Visit The Blue Mansion
After your tour, take time to wander around regions of George Town you may have missed, Little India using its lively pop music that blares out from shopfronts as well as villages from the clan jetties who represent a big section of Penang’s history. Whilst the Chew Jetty is that the most tourist-centric (think fridge magnets and also the like to buy ) ensure you visit the quieter villages to obtain a glimpse straight into the daily lifetime of these communities.

What needs to be done in Penang : Visit the clan jettiesWhat to carry out in Penang : Visit the clan jetties
Phew, it’s been a jam packed day right? ! Well, all you’ve gotta do Now‘s relax, relax and let the kitchen at local favourite Tek Sen spoil you. Established in 1965 like a humble rice stall, this Chinese restaurant which now spans two shopfronts still draws inside the punters with good reason- the flavours of the food are clean and vibrant- don’t miss the double roasted pork fried with chilli padi nor the stir fried potato leaves with prawns. Wash all of it down having a beer or perhaps a house-made chrysanthemum tea and ponder whether you may just got to extend your remain Penang !

Places to eat in Penang : Dinner at Tek SenWhere to consume in Penang : Dinner at Tek Sen
48 hours in Penang, DONE ! We hope this Penang travel guide has helped you eat and explore as a traveller, not really a tourist.
Getting around :
George Town is simple to get around- just walk ! But when you’re heading further afield and don’t wish to catch the bus, Uber and also the local equivalent Grab are your very best bet. They’re plentiful and cheap, particularly if there tend to be more than two individuals travelling and could work out a similar or somewhat little more than public transport. Grab often offers some great deals e. g. first ride free as much as 25MYR / $5USD (this is sufficient to help you get anywhere inside the city ).

If you have to purchase an area simcard whenever you arrive in an effort to use Uber and Grab, Malaysia has numerous providers who offer affordable datapacks. We use Digi and paid 45MYR / $10USD for any 3 week 3GB data pack and also a bit of credit for calls.

We utilize the app Maps. Me to guide us around cities by GPS using offline maps.

Travel Insurance
No make a difference where you’re travelling to we always recommend you‘ve travel insurance. We use and adore World Nomads. The good thing about them is that you may purchase travel insurance while you’re already travelling !

Where in which to stay Penang :
Container Hotel
Book online at www. containerhotel. my
4, Gat Lebuh Chulia, 10300 George Town
Single pods from 45MYR / $10USD, twin pods 70MYR / $15, private rooms from 150MYR / $33USD

Whether you’re travelling solo, as a few or with a household, Container Hotel has got you covered. Offering affordable female only pods, mixed pods, even twin pods along with rooms with private bathrooms, this modern hotel is designed with all the things you need for any comfortable stay. The pods are private, extremely cosy and therefore are kitted out with a little desk, mirror and reading light. Rooms with private bathrooms sport flat screen tvs, rain head showers, a fridge, comfortable queen sized beds as well as an iron and ironing board. Located smack bang inside the thick of things in George Town, a stay here makes for easy exploring.

Digital nomads will adore the ‘living room’- a common space with a big table to labor on, a library and also a tv. But as always, we discover it’s the eye to detail that really seals the deal. It’s the whimsical floral arrangements that dot reception and also the common areas, the hair dryers inside the bathrooms and also the chic black and white aesthetics from the property. Great location, affordable and tasteful- all the things you need !

8 Unique Items to Do in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is usually a stop-over city for all those setting off on explore Southeast Asia. Don‘t make this mistake ! The Malay capital is really a bustling city with fascinating history, beautiful sites, delicious food, and much more to understand more about. It‘s a city that really caters to all kinds of travelers. I‘d been in KL for 6 days but easily could afford spent two weeks discovering the city and surrounding areas. There are a lot of more things I’d like to carry out inside the city for example the canopy walk in the Forest Eco Park and visit the nearby blush Masjid Putra so I am going to need to go back soon ! if you are only in Kuala Lumpur for a fast stopover attempt to squeeze in whenever possible. Listed below are 8 awesome things you can do in Kuala Lumpur.


KL is really a major commerce hub in Southeast Asia and also has the skyscrapers to prove it ! The cover photo for that post was snapped coming from the rooftop infinity pool of The Face Hotel. Unfortunately, to consume these views you need to become a guest, they do not even allow paid day use from the pool. But Don‘t Be Concerned, I know about the best spot to obtain unobstructed views from the Petronas Twin Towers. SkyBar in the Traders Hotel, section of the Shangri-La group, is not just the very best bar inside the city, with creative cocktails, delicious food, a swimming pool, and awesome throwback tunes. It is also perhaps one of the only places open to the general public where one can view the twin towers with their entirety. I‘d been invited to experience SkyBar at sunset and had an awesome poolside sunken booth. Arrive early, a minimum of an hour or so before sunset, to consume views from the towers by light, after which stay late to discover them by night. You will possess a birds-eye perspective of the well-known fountain show. In order to make things better they even have frequent happy hours and drink specials, so this really is one view in KL that does not have to interrupt the bank.


Once you‘ve got seen these beautiful paired buildings from above it is time to reach bring it some different vistas. You are able to navigate to the top towards the viewing platform from the Petronas Towers, a walkway involving the towers. The landmark from the city was when the tallest building inside the world. You are able to bask in its glory at no cost by strolling with the adjacent KLCC Park. Make time for them to begin to see the towers by day, and again after dark. Inside the night they glow like crystals crushing the skyline. Their elongated pyramid-like shape actually reminded me of the Hindu Gopuram.


You most likely recognize the massive golden Hindu Lord Murugan, Commander of War and Victory, that stands guard in the entrance from the Batu Caves. Its glistening 140-foot statuesque presences beckons to photographers from worldwide to capture its powerful stance altogether its glory. After you climb the 272 steps towards the mouth from the cave you will be greeted by Hindu shrines and temples. if you are lucky and it is a clear day came from this level you can see a sweeping view from the KL skyline. Before you decide to pay your respects towards the Gods eliminate the stairs further as much as the left to reserve a spot upon the guided tour from the Dark Cave. The caves have only been a sacred spot for Hindu pilgrims to the last 100 years or so. But it is been a preferred spot for locals to gather guano (yep, bat poop ). In your search for the Dark Cave, you will be able to arrive at begin to see the goop up close, and possibly even also a massive centipede, or two. You will learn in regards to the local animal life inside the cave and listen to flattering of bat wings in complete darkness, it is an experience not to become missed. Look out for the monkeys, they will steal your coconut !


Kuala Lumpur has no shortage of available spa services–from foot massage parlors, luxury hotel spas, and lovely day spas. Services can be slightly more costly than any other Asian countries for example India or Thailand but they are still wildly affordable when when compared with western rates for similar experiences. Balinese style massages are the most typical but you may also find specific spas offering other kinds of rub downs. My absolute favorite indulgence in KL was Donna Spa. If you need to really submerge into your day‘s pampering there isn‘t any better place than this traditional Balinese spot in central KL.


By spending the afternoon playing in the KL Upside Down House. These amusing galleries will be the newest sort of entertainment in Malaysia and KL location is that the tallest in the complete country. The quirky attraction is literally a two-story upside down home, there is even an upside down Morris 1974 automobile in the entrance. Inside you will discover a fully furnished home having a living room, kitchen, playroom, children’s room, restroom, and much more. It is located next towards the Menara Tower and boasts an amazing view from the looming building.


If you‘ve got gone upon the Food Tour Malaysia eating experience around KL you then already possess a solid knowledge of what dishes are what in KL. In case you have not done the tour you seriously should, It‘ll pave the way in which once and for all eats throughout the whole house Malaysia trip. You most likely also already understand that Chinatown markets are an enormous tourist trap which no locals will certainly be seen eating there. You‘ve got likely been advised that Jalan Alor is yet another tourist trap. This street food mecca was located near our hotel and was open late so we ate dinner here most nights and were never disappointed. I found everything to become fresh and also the prices to become a lot more reasonable than surrounding restaurants. Our favorite stall was towards finished of the road called Restoran Lim Kee–be sure to undertake the eggplant !


Just do not eat in the touristy Central Market Kuala Lumpur. Instead, visit traditional Chinese temples for example the Taoist Sin Sze Si Ya that was built in 1864 and it is famous for fortune telling sticks as well as Guan Di Taoist temple just later on. Head further south down Jalan Tun H S Lee and you may finish up in the Hindu Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. It is the oldest temple in KL and it is popular to its colorful Gopuram. Upon the northern fringe of Chinatown, you will discover the aburn Catherdral of St. John, the Masjid Jamek and also the Masjid India.

But there is much more to Chinatown than its various religious structures – although it is very cool to discover Hindu, Tao, Muslim and Christian houses of worship in a similar small vicinity. The highlight for myself was discovering unique murals and street art down the corridors from the neighborhood and endless strings of Chinese lanterns.


There are a lot of fantastic buildings in KL–from futuristic blocks of buildings to sky scrappers but my favorites were the historic buildings lining Independence Square, locally called Dataran Merdeka. There is a flagpole here that bestowed the very first flag raising in Malaysia but I‘d been a lot more intrigued from the magnificent buildings all around the block. My personal favorite of that was the National Textiles Museum using its red and white stripes and picturesque towers. if you are fascinated by design as I‘m you need to visit the gallery, which is free of charge of charge. Many of the structures here have Moorish influence. The foremost noteworthy is that the massive Sultan Abdul Samad building that was built inside the 1800s like a government building but is usually mistakingly coined to be the Sultan’s former palace. The copper dome and clock tower that houses at 1-ton bell are spectacular. Visit the KL Tower for sweeping views from the city.

Perhaps you have been to KL? What were your favorite activities ! Tell us inside the comments so other travelers can add them for this collection of things you can do when planning their Kuala Lumpur adventure.

Thanks to Sky Bar, Donna Spa, and Food Tour Malaysia for hosting me and making my KL experience so memorable. All opinions and photos are my very own. This post contains affiliate links. Please go through Miss Filatelista disclosure policy to learn more.


Kuala Lumpur is really a top travel destination in Asia. It‘s everything travelers want and much more : a rich history, great shopping, beautiful architecture. But wait. What in regards to the food? Actually, food is really a vital section of Malaysia’s history and in an effort to fully understand local Malay culture, you have to try the food ! Food Tour Malaysia invited me on the tour through Kuala Lumpur’s past and present to discover what Malay food is basically about.

Food Tour Malaysia- What To Eat In Kuala Lumpur

FTM, or Food Tour Malaysia, is really a dedicated provider of food tour experiences in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Ipoh. Devoted to provide tourists an experience as a local, FTM offers a wide selection of tour options to suit your requirements. You are able to choose from walking tours starting at KL Sentral, an “off-the-eaten-track” tour inside the KL suburbs having a van or perhaps a full day tour in Ipoh. I‘d been section of the suburb tour and guided by Charles, an area of Indian decent. Along side 10 other foreign visitors We‘re set for lots of fun and a lot of delicious food. Charles told us that Malaysian cuisine was made up of three major influences : Chinese, Indian, and Muslim, just like the country’s population itself. We‘re in for any truly varied food experience.

For our particular first stop, Charles took us to some locals’ favorite inside the suburbs of KL. The place is unique inside the area like the owner rents the space to individual food stalls giving visitors a rich choice of dishes to select from. We‘d satay (Chinese kebabs ), noodles, fish and lip-smacking dips. Everyone enjoyed the atmosphere inside the tiny restaurant and also the food was absolutely delicious. Charles also gave us an area drink that will open our taste buds towards the rich flavors.

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Food Tour Malaysia : What To Eat In Kuala LumpurFood Tour Malaysia : What To Eat In Kuala Lumpur

Food Tour Malaysia : What To Eat In Kuala Lumpur
Food Tour Malaysia : What To Eat In Kuala Lumpur
Every country has its own signature dish. In Malaysia, it’s Nasi Lemak. This dish is basically rice, a boiled egg and spicy sauce covered with banana leaf. Charles took us to some popular night food market upon the outskirts of town. The lady who owns it was once the only real restaurant open through the night. Becoming hugely popular among the folks of Kuala Lumpur, the neighboring eats soon followed suit making a vibrant night food zone. I enjoyed the dish but need to claim that it was eventually not my personal favorite. However, when in Malaysia, you only have to undertake Nasi Lemak !

Food Tour Malaysia : What To Eat In Kuala Lumpur

Food Tour Malaysia : What To Eat In Kuala LumpurFood Tour Malaysia : What To Eat In Kuala Lumpur

Food Tour Malaysia : What To Eat In Kuala LumpurFood Tour Malaysia : What To Eat In Kuala Lumpur

On our method to our next stop, Charles led us through a little local market selling fruits, vegetables and everything you might need. An elderly man sold popular Malaysian waffles there and Charles all gave us somethat you try. It was eventually crammed with sweet corn and nuts and would be a flavorful sweet treat in between our main meals from the food tour.

Food Tour Malaysia : What To Eat In Kuala LumpurFood Tour Malaysia : What To Eat In Kuala LumpurFood Tour Malaysia : What To Eat In Kuala Lumpur

Our final stop led us to some popular Indian restaurant. Traditionally, Indians use their right hand to consume without forks and knives. I‘d been particularly enthusiastic about this section of the tour as I‘ve never had authentic Indian food before. Charles ordered us to thoroughly wash our hands before sitting right all the way down to receive our dishes. We‘re presented with a number of rothis and naans. I especially loved the sweet banana rothi. My personal favorite dish was the rothi canai, an Indian-influenced flatbread popular in Southeast Asia. This flatbread will be dipped in various kinds of curries and it’s absolutely delicious. I additionally had Indian tea. I must say that it Indian restaurant was my absolute favorite throughout the food tour.

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Food Tour Malaysia : What To Eat In Kuala Lumpur

This food tour was perhaps one of the best I ever had. Our tour guide Charles lead us to delicious places that I would’ve never found on my very own. On top of the, he provided interesting historic details on the several types of foods which added towards the experience. Moreover, Charles also showed us how you can correctly eat the dishes and which beverages perfectly accompany and enhance the flavors. Following the food tour, I knew much more about Malaysia than I did before. I absolutely enjoyed myself and can gladly book one of the numerous other tour possibilities when I’m in Malaysia.

A Foodie’s Guide to Surviving Malaysia

1. All in moderation
They don’t call Malaysia a food haven for nothing ! Being home to three distinct cultures, the varieties of food with origins from all three are ever abundant. So when setting off in your food adventure, always leave space for the following stop !

food tour malaysia 4

2. Care your eyes open
Big and bold might not necessarily mean delicious and appetizing. Never be fooled by bright lights and fancy signage of franchised restaurants (however are exceptions ). Usually the tastiest and the majority authentic dishes are found at humble street-side stalls owned by families who carry a good deal of inherited food knowledge with their blood. A common rule of thumb when deciding which street food stall to select is, “Where the local crowd is at, that’s in which the good food will certainly be. ”

food tour malaysia 3

3. Know about the lingo
“Nasi” (rice ) is really a staple ingredient altogether three cuisines – Indian, Chinese, and Malay. “Pedas” refers back to the spiciness from the food. So “Tak mau pedas” would mean which you don’t want it spicy. “Kurang” means “less” and “tambah” means “to add”. Other helpful Malay phrases are “mahal” (expensive ) and “lebih murah” (cheaper ). Bear on your mind, it isn’t a common thing to bargain for the value of your respective food. But a minimum of you’ll really know what key words to make use of when expressing how You are feeling in regards to the price you’re paying ! They will certainly are available handy when putting those bargaining skills to make use of in the flea markets between meal times !

food tour malaysia 2

4. Make friends using the locals
The very best tip for just about any tourist is to buy to know about the locals. You can’t substitute a very good conversation with any tourist brochure, nor is it possible say you’ve fully experienced Malaysia (or any country for instance ) unless you’ve gotten to understand its people. Owning a local food guide will continue to keep your food adventure an entire lot easier and possibly more enjoyable also. They knows the best places to bring one to. Ask your local food guide millions of you questions in regards to the ingredients, approach to preparation, and history of each and every type of food. You’ll make sure to gain an abundance of knowledge, as Malaysians are usually very passionate of their food !

food tour malaysia 5

This guest post was written by Sarah Lim of Food Tour Malaysia. In case you also want to possess your guest post published at Wonderful Malaysia, please contact us.

Food Tour Malaysia !
Food Tour
Once we woke up on Thursday, We‘re scheduled for any 6 hour food-tour of KL. Kinda seems right up our alley, doesn’t it?
Once we woke up, Libby was feeling pretty shitty due to all of the succulent pork fat that had settled in her own belly. She was simply too sick to reach, but assured me (Josh ) that I can go without her. After much debate, a 75 minute taxi ride (by having an idiot driver who got lost more than once and told me that many of us had arrived inside my destination once we clearly had not, inside an plan to collect his money and obtain me from the cab ) I finally arrived in the beginning from the tour, an hour or so late.
The tour included me (Josh ), an Australian guy in her 50’s named Richard, and also a Korean woman named Sun. Our guide would be a Chinese Malaysian who spoke perfect English named Terrence. He was an excellent guide and knew plenty about Malaysia and food. He (and Richard ) also knew more American politics than most Americans. They both thought it was eventually shameful how the republicans are holding the entire world hostage using this debt ceiling and budget grand-standing.
The tour began and included the listed stops :
Dim Sum
Wet Market (called that since the floors are covered with blood…this is how they hack up all of the dead animals )
Dry Market
A Malaysian Noodle Place
An Indian place in Brickfield and that is where all of the Indians live. They’re attempting to affect the name to Little India.
An area art gallery
A street vendor selling a delicious tofu crème-Brule type item
A hawker selling Tom Yam soup
Another hawker selling Rojak…a delicious mixture of tofu, coconut cakes, turnips, cucumbers, sprouts, another fried crunchy thing, eggs, carrots and peanut sauce.
A stop for drinks of coconut water and sugar cane juice
A durian buffet. Durian is really a controversial fruit popular in asia. Many of the time here, whenever you walk around on the road and wonder what that sewage smell is, it’s durian. It’s funny looking on the exterior, and you also cut it open and eat the guts…which taste good, but have an embarrassing texture, and you may smell it whilst you eat it. You are able to then taste and smell it the complete rest from the day. Durians are banned from public transportation and lots of hotels in Malaysia.
A street vendor selling fried glutinous rice with yam and tapioca
A street vendor selling banana fritters
The End.

I additionally found out, as luck would have it, that Malaysia was playing against Singapore inside a world-cup qualifier match that night ! Perhaps the most important regret from the trip will certainly be not looking that up sooner in enough time to obtain tickets. Upon the subway upon the way home, it was eventually like being upon the way to some USA game at RFK. Many individuals with scarves, signs, jersies…everyone very excited to beat Singapore. Or, as they’re known here, “Malaysia’s Mexico. ”
So we got some dinner-snacks, then headed to Adriane’s old bar to watch the overall game. It was eventually beat in there, so at half-time we headed to some bar through street that Adriane’s roommate Robin owns. We watched the 2nd half there (game tied 1-1, Malaysia eliminated ) and hung out for just a little while and had some drinks after which headed off on bed while Adriane raged it in the bar.

Tomorrow : Cooking class


#1 Malaysia !

Gateway to Little India

Dim Sum… identical to at New Fortune !

Lunch Buffet

Delicious dim sum

Inside yam and roast pork

Fluffy pork buns

Lunch Buffet @ dim sum place

Wet market

Roast salted pork… best bite from the tour


Salted fishes

Salted black eggs



Spices and beans and grains

Roast Pork noodles

Spring roll… SO good

Stuff cooking

Feast in the indian place

Indian dessert

Me in front from the Hindu temple

Creme brulee like tofu dessert



Rojak… so good

Sugar cane juice… refreshing

Durian truck


Inside of the durian

Glutinous rice

Fried glutinous rice and banana fritters

Me, Terrance and Richard

Kids on the method to the Malaysia vs. Singapore football match.

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